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There are 479,000 Tweets 

and 1 Million Facebook Posts


There are 

over 430,000 Hours 

of Content Uploaded to 

YouTube and

269 Billion Emails Sent


93% of Social Media Advertisers use Facebook Ads as Their Vehicle to Advertise - with over 5 Million Active Advertisers on the Platform - Making it Extremely Difficult to Engage, Connect and Build a Strong Community

As a business, how do you begin to stand out, let alone play a relevant role in a space like that?

We believe in love stories

And Standing Out from the Crowd

We believe a strong community is a powerful community. We believe that connecting neighbors and businesses together to share their stories are key ingredients in the recipe for building a strong community.  Just like social media, we are mostly user generated. Unlike social media, we stand out in our community - and that’s what our residents and business partners love. We are 100% relevant and we connect people based on what matters to them most: their families, their neighbors, their community. 

We Believe in Building Powerful Relationships

Influence the Influencers. Strong relationships are at the core of any successful business. We believe that any business owner who invests time in building relationships will have people within the community referring business to them whether they themselves are a customer or not. This is the true power behind strong community relationships.

We personally invite our business partners into the neighborhood and powerfully engage them in our community through our private and unique social network; where they get to put their belief in the power of building strong relationships to work; where they get to personally interact month after month with like minded people. Our partners are seen as just that - community partners - not junk mail solicitors. 

We Believe that Together we are Stronger

Over time, our partners become a part of the fabric of our community. Awareness and trust is the foundation for word-of-mouth. Together, we are stronger. 

If you're the type of business owner who believes in the Power of Community, then you might be a great fit for our community.